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Who Knew - Bigelow Gave Us Dafoe in the Movie "The Loveless"

The Loveless DVD cover By Source, Fair use, Wikipedia
Meet 26-year-old Willem Dafoe, in a role that seems to have been designed for his future of ruffian character portrayals. A countenance that has stood the test of time, the face of Dafoe has long been assurance of film-making to see.

A test of Amazon Prime was the key that opened the door to this introduction of Dafoe-- actor, producer, writer-- as a much younger man than previously known, in a movie that surely helped to set his brand as key to his success.

The Loveless (1981-82) follows Vance (Willem Dafoe) around town as he and gang cut up and make scenes as outlaw leathers.

Before The Loveless, Dafoe had snagged a role in the 1979-80 production Heaven's Gate. According to a short bio on Dafoe at IMDB, he was released without credit for that one. His role was cut, and Heaven's Gate became a figment of the then-wiser man's past.

Ultimately, Dafoe continued his chosen career in film undeterred . . . beginning with The Loveless and its now-famous director Kathryn Bigelow!

You may recognize her as a fairly recent contender for-- and winner of-- an Academy Award for her role as director of The Hurt Locker. Bigelow impressed everyone when she became the first woman to win that award as Best Director (2008). But, Bigelow's been around since well before Dafoe's portrayal of biker Vance (his first credited film).

Having started with a local art institute in California, Bigelow produced and sold works of art before winning her first scholarship to an independent art program and continuing on the arts track until winning a film scholarship. Her way thus paved, Bigelow then directed a student film entitled The Set-Up in 1978, a nod to the affects of violence in film. This way, she effectively established her interest in and capacity to make film.1 As far as film credits go, it appears that 1980 was Bigelow's first credited foray into the field, as a script supervisor for the movie Union City.

It's unclear when Bigelow and Dafoe met, but not long after each of their initial successes, they were working together on the set of The Loveless

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